Construct Your Dream Home

Consumer Loans

At some point you may need funds for an emergency medical bill, furnish your home, get a computer or perhaps take a vacation. While you may have planned for those expenses, in most cases raising the full amount required can be difficult.

With a Bank of Montserrat limited Consumer Loan we will ensure that all of your life’s amenities are taken care of and life is as comfortable as you have imagined it to be. Our experienced Loans Officers will ensure you have a timely response to your application and your loan payments are affordable to you.

Interest rates and terms on Consumer loan will vary so come in and talk to us today. Ask our Loans Officers for detailed information about our Consumer Loan Services.

Land Loans

Bank of Montserrat Limited makes it possible to own your own piece of Montserrat by offering favorable rates on land loans and providing savings options to assist customers with deposits specifically geared at land and home ownership.

For customers looking to purchase land with a view to building their first home, Bank of Montserrat Limited offers favorable interest rates on savings and allows you to qualify for reduced interest rates on your land loan.

Land purchase can become quite complicated and lengthy if you are not aware of the many banking and legal requirements. A Bank of Montserrat lending officer will guide you through the process, making land ownership a reality.

Mortgage Loans

At Bank of Montserrat limited, we believe that home ownership is good for everyone – from the buyer to the community at large. That’s why we’re finding creative ways to help you own your home.

Whether you’re building or purchasing a home, refinancing your mortgage or purchasing your land, our courteous and professional staff will work with you to find a mortgage that is affordable and meets your individual needs. Take advantage of our low, low mortgage rates, up to 30 years to repay.

From application to closing our mortgage officers will ensure that acquiring your new home will be as easy as can be. Make sure your mortgage is as comfortable as your home. Come to the Bank of Montserrat Limited today!